What is it?

Ultrasonic Peel is a skin cleansing procedure, which uses a special device that creates ultrasonic waves and high-frequency vibration providing dead skin cells removal and rejuvenation of the outer layer of skin. This is a triple action procedure that helps to remove impurities from the skin surface, unclog the pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. The vibration also works as a massage boosting collagen production.

Ultrasonic peel is recognized by experts as one of the most gentle face cleansing treatments that can significantly reduce acne, clean clogged pores, smooth wrinkles, improve hemodynamics and provide deep moisture and lifting effect by affecting only outer layer of skin without harming it. The procedure increases metabolism providing oxygen and important nutrients to the skin cells.

What results can you expect?

Effects are immediate. The treatment offers effective impurities removal and deep pore cleansing without aggressive mechanical action, normalisation of protective functions of the epidermis increasing its adaptive characteristics, rejuvenation of the outer layer of skin making the skin look significantly younger andsmoother, pore minimizing, dead skin cells exfoliation, skin texture improvement, skin tone improvement, firmness and elasticity improvement, skin’s natural ability to self-rejuvenation improvement , scars resolution, lymph flow and hemodynamics promotion , swelling reduction, decongestion, cellular nutrition improvement, elastin and collagen synthesis acceleration.