Lesion/ Papilloma Removal


The method of electrocoagulation is used by SPA’cial YOU for medicinal purposes to remove unwanted tissue with the help of electric current. A distinctive feature of the method is the ability to visually control the depth of exposure to the tissue.
This method is often used to remove moles and papillomas on the whole body. The principle of the method is as follows: the electric current acts on the tissue around the object that is removed. This causes a bulk thermal damage to the tissue. As a result, very soon the place of removal is covered with a dry crust. After the rejection, there may be no trace whatsoever of the removal procedure. Such an outcome of events is not 100% absolute, but the treated area will be shallow and small.
Sometimes as a the result of the rejection of the crust, there can be a stain without pigmentation. It does however, go away with time. If the penetration is deep, the risk of a noticeable scar will significantly increase.
Dry crust, which was formed at the place of removal, is treated with 5% peroxide solution. After eight to ten days, the wound under the crust will heal, so during this period you should not remove and wet the crust.
The method of electrocoagulation allows to remove any neoplasm at one time.

Before / After



If the formation is small, we even might not need to do anesthesia. In other cases, local anesthesia is applied.
All layers of tissue are exposed. The blood is well thrombosed and clotted,
which prevents infection and bleeding after removal.