Vitamin C

Delivers the most powerful form of vitamin C directly into the skin, to repair and prevent free radical damage.  Few types of Vitamin C stimulate the fibroblasts and make skin firmer, younger and glowing. With a combination of plant-derived ingredients and enzymatic peels, it strengthens collagen production and assists in hydration levels. This product continues to work with the skin for a few days after the treatment, making it an exceptional value. Calgary facial services

O2 Facial

This luxury anti-aging treatment is full of oxygen, peptides, enzymes, plant-derived stem cells and enzymes…resulting in fresh, healthy looking skin.

Glyco Sea facial

Powerful Hexapeptide and Licorice Extract brighten and even skin tone – combined with Glycolic acid, which interrupts the hyper pigmentation process (melanogenesis).  Renewed and resurfaced skin, intensively moisturized, is the result. Calgary facial services

Sensy calm

Soothes, calms and protects reactive and sensitive skin caused by Rosacea, allergies or inflammation. This process decreases sensitivity, calms redness – and prevents blotchiness and excessive dryness.

Deep cleaning.

For acne-prone skin, black and/or whiteheads - deep cleansing and extraction helps to rid the skin of all kinds of impurities.  A combination of a special mask and specialized equipment soothes and disinfects the skin.