Hydra facial infusion

HydraFacial, or vacuum hydropiling, is a totally physiological treatment from American developers. They have managed to combine the adjustable vacuum, hydration with serums and non-crystalline exfoliation.Calgary hydrafacial services

A remarkable feature of this method is treatment of the skin with patented disposable nozzles, the spectrum of which is extremely large. This allows you to meet the needs of each client, maintain appropriate level of safety and address various complex cosmetic issues such as: hyperpigmentation, acne, post acne, hyperkeratosis, puffiness, stretch marks, ingrown hair and aging of the skin. HydraFacial is also good for enlarged pores and back skin issues. Vacuum hydro-peeling is applied in three steps. The first step renews the skin. The desired effect is achieved by using serum delivered through a nozzle with a spiral surface. During the treatment, the skin surface is leveled, the epidermis is renewed, the skin is moistened and tightened, its blood circulation improves and the lymph flow normalizes. The purpose of the second  step is in achieving maximum purification. Applied through another nozzle more serum destroys comedones and regulates sebum, removing the inflammation and destroying the pathogenic bacteria.Calgary hydrafacial services


The goal of the final step is nutrition and protection. Another nozzle with multifunctional serum delivers nutrients and antioxidants, as well as peptides and growth factors. As a result, the pores become narrower, the skin brightens and shines, looks healthier and younger. In addition, the process of cell regeneration is started and a lifting effect is observed. There are not many contraindications to HydraFacial, but they are: pregnancy and lactation, exacerbation of herpes, skin diseases in the period of exacerbation and swellings. Many reviews that HydraFacial indicate is a comfortable, painless and effective FDA certified treatment.  Customers like that HydraFacial is suitable for any type of skin and that the result is visible right away. Ideally, the HydraFacial treatment should be taken in 5-10 sessions, one per week.  However, it can be delivered in a single, full-fledged care-rejuvenation application.