Exilis Elite is advanced  technology used to reduce fat and tighten skin anywhere on the face or body. This FDA approved technology works in the deep layers of the tissue to stimulate collagen tightening and remodelingand subcutaneous fat reduction. This non invasive, no downtime treatment can dramatically reduce unwanted subcutaneous fat. improve sagging skin, reduce wrinkles.

he Exilis Elite™ delivers twice the energy of the original Exilis device and offers superior results in a shorter amount of time.

Which areas can be treated?

  • Face (lower, mid, and upper face) for sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Eyelids and around the eyes for droopy eyes and loose skin/wrinkles under the eyes
  • Lips and around the mouth for fine lines and wrinkled skin
  • Neck for sagging skin and lines (turkey neck)
  • Double chin for reduction of excess facial fat and skin tightening
  • Hands
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Tights
  • Love handles
  • Buttocks

What are  side-effects or downtime?

Patients can expect a slight erythema on their treated area for 10-30mins due to the heat from the treatment. There is no downtime and you can go back to your daily activities, including exercising, immediately.

Sufficient water intake before / after the treatment will be beneficial, and may optimize results of the Exilis Elite™ treatment.

How many treatments will I need for the Exilis Elite™?

I will tailor a treatment plan based on your concerned area(s) and condition after a consultation. Usually it takes between 2 – 4 treatments scheduled 7-14-28 days apart.

Studies show that most clients maintain their results from Exilis Elite™ for two years or more. The remodeling of new collagen in the skin continues to improve for up to six months after the treatment.